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As a Reliable Licensed Money Lender in Singapore

Personal loan in Singapore

Personal Loan

Take up our low interest and hassle free unsecured personal loan to fulfill your urgent need for cash.

Business loan in Singapore

Business Loan

Take control of your cash flow. Strive ahead and have exponential growth with our business loans.


Loans Given

Helping our clients solve their financial challenges since 2010. Our number of loans issued is growing steadily and counting.


Avg Daily Cases

Patronised by trust and satisfaction, our friendly staff service a constant flow of new and repeated clientele every day.


Happy Clients

Our clients’ smile is our drive to help them more and serve them better. We hope the next beautiful smile we see is yours.

You can solve your situation more easily than you think.

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Top 6 Reasons to Get a Fast & Easy Loan from Us

Monthly Loans

Weekly/Biweekly loans are common in the market place now. These loans can weigh you down and lead you deeper into debts. At AK Credit, all our loans are monthly.

Lowest Rates

Shopping for low interest rate in town? Look no further. With our monthly rate of only 3.92%, you can be rest assured that you will be getting the best rate in town.

Partial Repayment

By allowing you to do partial loan repayments towards your principal amount, it will help you close your loan at a much faster rate then you think is possible.

Reducing Interest

All our loans are on a reducing interest basis. You will only need to pay interest on your outstanding amount at the end of each due date. Nothing more.

Fast Approval

As a responsible licensed money lender, we do our due diligence in validating. However, our checks are basic and meant to keep the processing time short.

Immediate Cash

Upon approval and signing of the contract, you will be given the loan amount in cash immediately. No hassle of going to the bank to withdraw it out.

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Excellent Moneylender Reviews by Satisfied Clients

Our Testimonials

“AK Credit has been doing a great service for those in financial difficulties. Helping them in getting monthly loans. The best about AK Credit that the company only do monthly installment. Personally had received so much help from them. Wishing all the best.”

Ms Joyce

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98% / Trustworthy

97% / Friendly Staff

96% / Speed

100% / Low Interest

Let us help you get through your financial difficulties.

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