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At AK Credit, we pride ourselves as a leading, licensed money lender in Singapore. Our commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards and legal compliance in the financial industry sets us apart. We offer a variety of loan services tailored to meet your unique needs, whether personal, business, or emergency loans.

As a licensed money lender, we are committed to responsible lending practices. We conduct thorough assessments to ensure that loans are manageable and sustainable for our clients. Our goal is not just to provide financial solutions but to also contribute positively to your financial health and well-being.

Our Loans

AK Credit is a licensed money lender in Singapore that offers a variety of loans for every purpose.


Why Borrow from AK Credit?

6 Reasons To Get A Fast And Hassle-free Loan From Us.

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Monthly Loans

Unlike the common practice of offering weekly or biweekly loans that can lead to a cycle of debt, AK Credit exclusively provides monthly loans. This approach ensures that you have a reasonable repayment schedule and reduces the risk of falling into a debt trap.

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Lowest Rates

If you’re on the lookout for the lowest interest rates in town, your search ends here. With our incredibly low monthly interest rate of just 3.92%, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re accessing the best rate available.

AK Credit

Partial Repayment

At AK Credit, we empower you to make partial loan repayments towards your principal amount. This flexible option allows you to accelerate your loan repayment and achieve financial freedom sooner than you may have imagined.

AK Credit

Reducing Interest

Our loans operate on a reducing interest basis, which means you only pay interest on the outstanding amount at the end of each due date. This structure ensures that you’re not burdened with unnecessary interest charges, saving you money in the long run.

AK Credit

Fast Approval

As a responsible licensed money lender, we prioritize efficiency without compromising due diligence. Our validation process is streamlined yet thorough, enabling us to provide fast approval for your loan application. We understand the value of your time and strive to keep the processing time to a minimum.

AK Credit

Immediate Cash

Once your loan is approved and the contract is signed, you can expect to receive the loan amount in cash immediately. No need to endure the hassle of visiting a bank or waiting for funds to be transferred. At AK Credit, we prioritize your convenience and ensure that you have immediate access to the funds you need.

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Client Testimonials

Hear from our satisfied clients on what they have to say about our loans.

Client Sentiment




Friendly Staff




Low Interest

Nice & friendly staffs. Understanding when times are hard. Able to provide good customer service and details are explain clearly.

-Mr Lee / Toa Payoh

All staff are very courtesy and helpful through out the process as such and also brief in details to customers. Keep it up the excellent job.

-Mr Loh / Jurong

Excellent customer service and customer friendly. Staff took time to explain clearly procedures. Would surely recommend to those who genuinely require assistance for loan.

-Mr Mus / Clementi

AK Credit allow partial payment so I can close my loan fast without stress. They got low interest rate compared to other loans.

-Mr Quek / Punggol


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AK Credit

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