Save Money With 17 Amazing Freebies In Singapore

Freebies in Singapore

Want to know how to find freebies in Singapore and save some money in the process? Locate the best free stuff fast with our latest guide.

Does your heart do a somersault when you see a ‘Free Gift’ or ‘For Free’ signboard? You’re not alone. We Singaporeans love to get an extra item for free with most purchases.

Let’s face it. Singapore is an expensive country. And sometimes, budget constraints prevent you from buying what you want or need.

What if you had a list of items and services that didn’t cost a thing?

No more wishful thinking for we have compiled a list of free stuff in Singapore handpicked for you.

Free Books, Courses and Tuitions

Free Courses

1. Courses with SkillsFuture Credits

The Singapore government wants every citizen to be employable. You ought to upgrade skills to get a job and keep it. Use your SkillsFuture credit to join one of the 20,000+ courses available.

Learn to code or speak a new language. Join one or more classes and improve your workplace expertise.

2. NLB ebooks

Our love for free stuff extends to books too. NLB eReads allows you to expand your knowledge or go on a fictional journey with free ebooks.

Borrow any title and read it on the go with free apps eReads and Overdrive.

3. Tuition by Loving Heart

Singaporean parents are ready to shell out steep tuition fees to give their kids an edge. But paid coaching is no longer the domain of rich kids.

Loving Heart offers free tuitions to children from impoverished families. This scheme is for citizens & PRs residing in Jurong GRC, with an income of $3,000 or lower.

They cover school syllabus from Primary 1 to Secondary 3.

Extra tip: Contact them early to book a slot for your child.

Free Food & Accommodation

Free Food

4. Meals by Non-profit or Religious Centres

If you think seminars and food challenges are the only sources of free meals, you’re wrong. Cash-strapped Singaporeans can find many places providing delicious meals at zero cost.

You’ll find food coupons on websites like Free Famous Food. Some religious centres, temples serve visitors with free food (vegetarian fare).

Gurudwaras in Singapore including Central Sikh Temple have the langar or free meal.

THK Free Meals Centres and Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery provide free meals to the needy.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Singapore Buddhist Lodge serve free meals to everyone.

To help them serve the needy, donate some money when you visit.

5. Pay What You Want (Or Free)

If you’re fine with a meatless meal, Anna Lakshmi has various outlets in Singapore. These vegetarian meals use the pay-what-you-want model.

You can indulge in a hearty meal without spending a cent. But do the decent thing, and pay what you can.

6. Meals & Lodging for Kids

Make use of hotel freebies and reduce expenses when you travel as a family. Many of them offer free stay and meals for children up to a certain age.

Holiday Inn Singapore allows children to share a room with their parents. But, they should be 12 years or younger.

Restaurant meals are also free for children up to the age of 12. Four kids per family can enjoy their restaurant meals free of charge.

Free Health, Fitness & Medical

Free Health and Fitness

7. ActiveSG & Free-to-Play Facilities

Are you’re avoiding the gym because of budget constraints? ActiveSG helps you stay fit with their $100 credit offer.

Permanent residents and citizens can gain access to public sports facilities. This includes pools, outdoor courts and modern gyms.

If you play beach volleyball or basketball, book an outdoor court at Singapore Sports Hub. Your team can play here for free.

Go ahead and organise a weekend game.

8. Sunrise in the City (SITC) Programme

Bored of the gym routine and seeking a change of pace? Check out free offerings by Health Promotion Board (HPB).

The Sunrise in the City (SITC) programme has various exercise classes to choose from.

Pick up an activity you enjoy, whether it’s yoga or Kpop dance. Better still; learn something different like kickboxing.

Extra tip: Book ahead as these free classes are popular among the islanders.

9. Medical Consultations

If you swear by traditional or alternative medicine, seek out free consultations.

Public Free Clinic and Thong Chai (Tong Ji) offer Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sessions for free.

While Ramakrishna Mission provides fee-free homeopathic consultations.

More Freebies in Singapore — Giveaways

Free Items Giveaway

10. Singapore Really Really Free Market (SRRFM)

Get your fill of free stuff at this communal swap meet.

Give away items you don’t need to visitors. From books to household items, you’ll find something of value and in decent condition. And all this for zilch, including free furniture.

All they ask you is to trade something from your own collection. This benefits other members and allows this unique flea market to flourish.

Extra tip: Check SRRFM’s Facebook page for updates on location and timings of the next swap meet.

11. Forums & Websites

Searching for more ways to get free stuff in Singapore? Keep track of listings on Carousell, Gumtree, Freecycle SG and Craigslist.

Be active on forums like Singapore Motherhood. And you can pick up useful items that other members don’t need, for free.

12. Google Opinion Rewards

Survey lovers will enjoy this survey App. Answer 2-3 questions and get paid up to $1 each time as opinion rewards.

As the money adds up, use it as Play Store credits to pay for music, games, apps or books.

Free Services

Free Legal Advice

13. Legal Advice & Consultation

If you’ve ever consulted a lawyer, you know they don’t come cheap. For Singaporeans who can’t afford the fees, there are various avenues to seek legal help.

Practising lawyers and law students provide free advice at legal clinics.

14. Haircut

A cash crunch doesn’t mean you roam around with unkempt hair or boring haircut. If fancy salons are out-of-bounds for you, explore other hair styling options.

ITE or beauty school students need volunteers/models to perfect their techniques. If you’re lucky, you could get a full perm or hair colouring done and save $$.

Extra tip: Email trainee hairdressers on student boards. Choose students over experienced hair stylists at your regular salon.

15. Wi-Fi

Trying to squeeze more juice out of your limited mobile data? With free WiFi spots across the island, you don’t have to bother. Browse the net and share photos and videos wherever you are.

Extra tip: Download the Wireless@SG app on Google Play or App Store. You’ll find MRT stations, cafes, shopping malls and restaurants on the list.

16. Mobile Charging Stations

You can’t get away with lame ‘battery dead’ excuses anymore, not with free mobile charging stations. Refuel your mobile while eating at McDonald’s East Coast Park outlet.

Here are a few MRT stations where you can charge your smartphones for free. Try Orchard, City Hall, Kent Ridge, Ang Mo Kio or Tanjong Pagar station.

17. Transport

Short on cash at the month end? Use free shuttle services to office districts during peak hours. Save money on your work commute or visit far-off malls.

Planning to visit Sembawang Shopping Centre? Take a free shuttle from Sembawang & Yishun MRT stations.

This list is by no means exhaustive. But gives you a head start on areas where you can save some moolah. Save this guide to locate or signup for various freebies in Singapore, and have fun while you’re at it.



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