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It is our goal to provide our customers with quick and easy loan services to meet their urgent cash flow issues. We also customise cash loans for our customers in order to ease their financial burdens.

About Us of AK Credit

Our Company Background

Welcome to AK Credit, your trusted licensed moneylender. We are a finance company based in Singapore. And we specialise in personal loan and business loan. AK Credit was incorporated in 2010 as a personal financing company. As the company progresses through the years, with great customer service and satisfaction, we have grown to be one of the leading money lenders in Singapore.

Our Logo

The Mighty Oak grows from just an acorn into a powerful tree, strongly rooted to the ground and spreading its branches magnificently. It is a symbol of respect, honour and strength.

Badge of Honour

We have laid 3 core values for our business and we abide by them like “Our Badge of Honour”. Our core values are symbolised in our logo, the Mighty Oak. Just like the Mighty Oak that stands tall and deeply rooted no matter how severe the storm, we at AK Credit, do not waiver from our values.


The root system of the Mighty Oak goes deep and far-reaching. It is usually as elaborate as the tree itself. And it represents our first core value RESPECT, which forms our business foundation.


The trunk of the Mighty Oak makes it stand tall, strong and steady. It represents our second core value HONESTY, which resolutes our business integrity when dealing with customers and employees.


The Mighty crown of the Oak spreads far and wide with elaborate network of branches and leaves. It represents our third core value COMMUNICATION, which reminds us to be open and clear.

Our Management

KC of AK Credit


Chief Executive Officer / Founder
MSc, Biomedical Engineering, NTU
BEng, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, NTU (Honors)

After graduating with a Honors in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (NTU, Singapore), he began his career as a Research Engineer in NTU. He was involved in a major A*STAR funded project in the field of biomedical engineering. There he earned his Masters of Science degree, majoring in Biomedical Engineering and has published 9 international conference papers in the same field.

In 2007, he joined an International Bank’s Investment and Insurance arm as a Unit Manager and specialising in financial planning and investments. Two years down, he span off his own micro-finance company, AK CREDIT Corporation P/L.

Every business has a story. Here’s mine.

My career in the financial sector made me cross paths with many people from all walks of life. What amazed me was their financial illiteracy even in basic money matters. Many were simply either not interested or too busy to learn even the basics. I didn’t see much in our education system either. I encountered countless people who were heavily in debts, due to the lack of this life saving skill.

My first hand experience with my clients and their financial situation, probed me to start my own micro-financing company. I saw great potential in this industry to help people in their financial needs in whatever way I could. And of course to make a living for myself while doing so. The industry was perceived in the wrong light by the public and I had the confident that, if done the right way, I can help change that negative image and breathe some fresh air to it.

Today I meet many clients at my office. Not all are here to take a loan. Some just seek financial advice. While I am not a financial guru, I am passionate about sharing my limited knowledge in finance to anyone who may find it useful. Check out my blog in which I have very candidly shared my knowledge and thoughts with you.

Finally, I take pride in respecting our clients’ privacy and being transparent in our disclaimer of legal responsibility.

We can do more for you than you could possibly imagine.

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