Credit Card Suspended? Here’s Where to Find Money

Singapore Credit Card Suspended

Here’s where to find money in Singapore if your credit card (or creditline) is ‘frozen’ due to the new limit on unsecured debt. Nobody likes to live on credit. But sometimes life dealt you a bad hand and you needed financial help for a few more months. The new uncollateralised debt limit, set by the […]

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Get Your Credit Card Late Charge Waiver in Singapore!

Credit Card Late Charge Waiver

Find out how to get your credit card late charge waiver (or annual fee waiver) in Singapore with our step-by-step guide. What comes to your mind when you hear credit card fees? It is likely the hated annual/membership fees. We often find it excessive, unexpected and downright unreasonable. Until recently, I realised that there is […]

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4 Surprising Mistakes That Lower Your Credit Score

Poor credit score in Singapore

Has your credit score dropped recently in Singapore? Find out whether you’ve committed one of these four mistakes. Does your credit score report show reduction in points in the last six months? Have you recently applied for a home loan and received an estimate for a lower sum than expected? Your credit score could be […]

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7 Personal Loan Myths in Singapore – Don’t Let Them Stop You

Personal Loans

If you need fast cash, but have certain misconceptions about personal loan in Singapore offered by a licensed money lender (LML), this guide will help to clear it up. Personal loans by LML are often the last resort for customers who need funds. Many don’t use this credit option, and prefer to use cash withdrawal offered […]

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5 Fast Ways to Reduce Credit Card Debt in Singapore

Credit Card Debt in Singapore

If you are looking for quick ways to reduce credit card debt and mend credit score in Singapore, try two or more of these five techniques. Small credit card purchases and expenses can add up over the months and years, and before you know it, turn into a debt mountain. To improve your financial position, […]

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