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Top 18 High Pay Part-Time Jobs In Singapore

Dec 06, 2017

Are you looking for ways to supplement your income? Find high-paying part-time jobs in Singapore within a few minutes. And narrow down on suitable ones with our guide. Time flies when you’re having fun, but when the ride ends, you find yourself with a fresh bunch of bills to pay. To refurbish your financial nest, you’re ready to pick up any boring job that comes your way. Don’t put up with lower pay for long, mindless hours of work. Instead, find part-time jobs that are worth your time and effort. Whether you’re jobless or employed (looking to moonlight), there is interesting flexible work available. Earn good money while working for a few days a week or on short shifts each day.

Best Part-Time Jobs in Singapore

We won’t be endorsing the same old jobs you can find elsewhere. Rather; these are jobs you may have overlooked or that slipped under your radar.


Don’t want to go it alone? Here are temporary jobs in the F&B industry you can take up with friends. 1. Barista Service Crew (Up to S$7/hour) You’ve been a barista customer all your life, and now, it’s time to consider working in one of your favourite hangouts. With thousands of beverage retailers in Singapore, getting an F&B part-time job is easy. Gain experience in brewing coffee and the tips keep adding up. Besides; this is a cool way to build your network. 2. Bartender (Up to S$10/hour) Want to get paid while clubbing? Become a bartender. Learn to mix and pour alcohol, even as you earn $10 per hour. Impress your friends at the next party by creating unique liquor combos from them. 3. Waiter / Waitress (Up to S$10/hour) Think a waiter only takes orders, serves food and cleans tables? You’re helping customers enjoy a good meal and experience the best your joint has to offer. What’s more; your welcoming smile and attentiveness may get you a generous tip. 4. Banquet Server (Up to S$10/hour) If you’re fit and have enough stamina, banquets may be the perfect place to make a quick buck. You’ll be setting up tables, arranging the cutlery and serving food to guests. While some days will be challenging, you also get to eat delicious food prepared by the chefs. 5. Service Crew (Up to S$12/hour) Your job is to ensure that the establishment runs well. This means maintaining hygienic working conditions and setting tables. You may also have to accommodate odd customer demands.


Are you keen on working part-time in admin jobs? We have quite a few options for those who prefer an indoor or desk job that pays well. 6. Customer Service/ Assistant / Representative (Up to S$10/hour) A customer service agent is usually the first person that customers come in contact with. You are not only the administrative arm of your company but act as a bridge between other staff and clients. 7. Call Centre Staff / Officer (Up to S$10/hour) The life of a call centre employee may not be all that rosy. But the pay is good, and the job often comes with a set of perks. At the very least, you’re less likely to scream your head off, when you call the call centre next. 8. Data Entry Assistant / Virtual Assistant (S$10-15/hour) Dream of setting up your own work hours and hanging around in pyjamas all day? Data entry and virtual assistant jobs may be right up your alley. For one; they offer good pay. You’ll end up learning something new and useful, even as you help businesses focus on other things. 9. Receptionist (Up to S$15/hour) Your main task is to answer customer calls, book appointments and greet visitors. And sometimes sell packages for your dental clinic, gym, spa or club. This can be a relaxing job, especially when you work the night shifts.


Interested in the product or people’s side of the business? We have you covered. 10. Event Helper / Promoter / Crew (Up to S$15/hour) Watch a show for free, hobnob with celebrities, and pick up useful business skills. Do all this and more as a crew or promoter for music, fashion or product events and expos. 11. Brand Ambassador (Up to S$15/hour) Do you love conversing with total strangers? Or marketing company products to a wide audience? Take on a side gig as a brand ambassador. As a part of the job, you’ve to know the brand inside out and convert new audiences into loyal customers. 12. Delivery Driver / Rider / Agent (Up to S$26/hour) More businesses, both big and small, are now delivering products direct to customers. Delivery staff are in high demand. If you own a vehicle and driving licence, sign up as a rider or driver with delivery services. Else, work as a delivery agent for supermarkets, online stores or courier agencies. 13. Mascot (Up to S$25/hour) Another fun gig for an extrovert. Being a mascot allows you to earn great money while endorsing your favourite store, brand or team. To excel at this job, you need an outgoing personality, be good with kids, and have lots of stamina and patience.


Are you looking for a part-time job in Singapore that reflects your personality? Or puts your hobbies and skills to good use? 14. Nursing / Caregiver (Up to S$17/hour) Do your friends see you as a caring and compassionate soul? Think about becoming a paid caregiver. If you’ve time to spare, take up a part-time elderly care job. You will be providing personal care to home-bound senior citizens. And do some light housekeeping as well. 15. Housekeeper / House Cleaner (Up to S$18/hour) If you’ve knack for keeping a clean room, why not use this ability to make money on the side? This isn’t a fancy job by any means but comes with high pay. You get to choose the hours you work and the homes you clean. 16. Tuition Teacher / Tutors (Up to S$35/hour) Many of us are proficient in some kind of skill or hobby. Online and home-based tutoring jobs allow you to turn this ability into a well-paying task. The hours are flexible. Unless you’re teaching languages or other subjects, you don’t always need a university degree. 17. Swimming Coach / Instructor (Up to S$50/hour) Proud of your swimming skills and wish to train others? Join as a swimming coach or instructor. Have fun teaching children and adults and get paid while you’re at it. But remember that some swim schools and clubs will ask for an up-to-date First Aid certificate. 18. Fitness Trainer (Up to S$50/hour) Guilty of taking Instagram selfies of your biceps and six packs? Get paid to train others to build muscles and remain fit. Of course; you’ll need proper credentials like a Personal Trainer Certification. You can enrol in the NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Course. And use your SkillsFuture credits to make a partial payment.

3 places to find part-time work in Singapore


This site lists the best part-time jobs in Singapore. You’ll find both English and Chinese version job ads in many categories. Easy navigation between listing helps you breeze through the job search process.


A free job search engine with a team that works behind the scene. They curate well-paying part-time jobs in Singapore. You can also check daily listings on their Facebook page.


With 10k+ part-time job listings on the Singapore site, you’re bound to find something suitable. Sign up for daily alerts to find a profitable and flexible job of choice. Now you know where and what to look for, get down to work. Use this guide to a find high-paying, part-time job in Singapore. One that you can balance with other commitments.

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