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Business loan in Singapore

Short term loans for long term benefits

Every type of business, big and small, need extra funds to meet various business goals. As an entrepreneur, you understand the value of working capital and liquid funds. You may have experienced fund shortage at various point of time in your business.

E.g. As a manufacturer of electronic equipment, you may have machines in your factory that need immediate repairs. A couple are beyond salvage and need to be replaced on a priority basis, so you don’t miss out on delivery dates.

You can make use of Product and Innovation Claims, but the procedure and processing can take time. You cannot afford to wait for funds, not when you have regular orders to complete.

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Another example

Or one of your bigger customers may not have cleared payment of an order. Now you have lesser funds than usual and are unable to pay salaries of some workers.

You are well aware that delayed or non-payment can result in angry reaction from your workers and complaints to Ministry of Manpower. This can, in turn, affects smooth running of your business and its reputation in the market.

Funding with business loans

The strain on your finances forces you to seek outside funds. Calling up your bank means a lengthy procedure to procure an overdraft or a short term money loan. You submit a lot of documentation, provide collateral or security, and fulfil stringent criteria before your application goes to next level of approval. This result in a longer waiting time – something that your business cannot afford at this point. Worse still; you may not get the money, despite a good working relationship with your banker.

A short-term commercial loan from a registered moneylender like AK Credit helps your business tide over a tight financial situation. These easy loans are similar to standard loans from banks. You get upfront cash for a short period with reasonable interest rates and repayment schedules. You can repay the principal and settle the loan when you have accumulated enough money from business activities.

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Your business may need funds for various other purposes. You want move your office into a bigger premise and need to pay additional lease amount. You may have received notice for unaccounted or unexpected tax payments, and need immediate funds. Whatever be the reason for needing cash, owners or partners of established businesses can approach AK Credit for legal business loans. You get faster approval, bigger amount, and attractive interest rates based on your needs and your ability to repay.

We are here to help any business registered in Singapore which has a decent track record, enough market reputation, and good credit score.

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We at AK Credit put customers interest foremost in our dealings. As a business owner, you will find a credit option from our varied financial packages that best suits your specific need. Our packages are flexible enough and we provide competent and personalised customer service.

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