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Personal loan in Singapore

A good solution for unexpected expenses

Life is sometimes unpredictable and there are times when you are stuck in a financial rut. You may have made plans for celebrating your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary in style. The expected increment does not come through and puts a dampener on everything.

A good personal loan helps you tide over temporary financial setbacks and meet your specific needs. These flexible funds are easily available to meet an expense, finance a celebration or trip, or settle high-interest debts.

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Are personal loans right for me?

The need for quick cash is not restricted to someone who is financially weak or with limited income despite a full-time job. Even high income earners face shortage of funds and require money. Maintaining a certain lifestyle comes with a price leading to massive credit card debt or zero savings. Anyone who needs money for short-term needs can take such a fast loan. Unlike other loans, borrowers use these loans for numerous purposes, each diverse from the other.

While a personal loan is unsecured credit, a good moneylender loans you an amount based on your earning capacity and ability to repay. You avoid taking on newer debts, and reduce risk of high interest rates, payment defaults, and extra charges. This improves your ability to consolidate and repay old debts. There is no drastic reduction in your monthly cash flow.

Trustworthy moneylenders are important

Mr. Tan hates going to work nowadays, but hates moneylenders more. His crime – borrowed money from an unlicensed lender for his sister’s marriage and defaulted on one payment because of a delayed pay check. The lender’s goon barged into his office and abused him in front of everyone. His co-workers look at him with pity or laugh behind his back, and the boss mocks him at the slightest notice.

Mr. Tan would have been a happier man had he approached a credible licensed moneylender like AK Credit first. We value your trust and our reputation. As a borrower, you will never have to worry about being a victim of abuse. We will not be knocking on your door at midnight, abusing you in public, throwing garbage into your home, or painting graffiti on your walls, simply because you missed a payment.

Our legal loan terms ensure a smooth cash flow for you. Monthly installments on our short-term loans allow you to make payments from your next paycheque. This makes repayments are easier on your pocket and reduces the chances of you defaulting on monthly installments.

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AK Credit spares its customers the hassle of submitting extensive paperwork, sitting though numerous negotiations, or waiting through long approval periods.

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A low credit score does not mean we will shut our doors on you. Stop suffering in silence or stressing out over your situation. Feel free to approach us with your financial requirements. Our team will analyse your current monetary health and loan purpose, and recommend the best solution for you. Contact our friendly loan officers for a no obligation discussion or drop us a message using our online form.

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If you need extra cash for your business, please visit business loan. To estimate your loan repayment amount, refer to our loan calculator.

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